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ABUS HomeTec Pro - doors open at the press of a button Print E-mail
Tuesday, 22 March 2016 05:05
ABUS HomeTec Pro gives its owner more comfort, control and flexibility. With the clip-on wireless door lock actuator, the front door opens almost by itself by radio remote control or wireless keyboard. A push of a button or the corresponding number combination is sufficient to open or close the door, no key is needed. The system is now available in stores.

With the HomeTec Pro, the security expert ABUS offers a system for everyday use in specialised retailers--a system which combines security and comfort. With the clip-on wireless door lock actuator, opening the door becomes a "key moment". Thanks to wireless remote controls and wireless keypad (sold separately), the door is easily opened by pressing a button or a freely selectable number code. A locked front door is often an obstacle, especially after shopping and returning home with full bags or heavy drinks crates in the car. Purchases must be put down and picked up again - that strains not only the nerves but also the back. And for athletes who would like to forego carrying a key whilst jogging, the Wireless Keyboard is the ideal solution.  

HomeTec Pro - the family-friendly everyday helpers

To use the HomeTec Pro wireless door lock actuator as intended, you need either the wireless remote control or wireless keyboard. Of course, multiple remotes can be used - a plus for families especially, as every family member has their own remote control.

HomeTec Pro - quickly installed

The wireless door lock actuator can be installed securely in a few steps without much effort. The only requirement is a door cylinder with emergency and danger function. This should be on the inside of the door with an overhang of seven to 12 millimetres, so that a simple assembly and a secure hold is ensured. In addition, these cylinders ensure that you can continue to open and close the door as usual with the key. []


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