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Atos: Cryptographic accelerators secure transactions Print E-mail
Monday, 21 November 2011 13:05

The Adyton HSM module (harware security module) by Atos Worldline combines a small and user friendly design with high performance in securing data in electronic transactions.

When the user interface was developed, special attention was paid to accessibility by using wizards, which lead the user intuitively to his or her goal. Dual factor authentication protects access to sensitive operations and is achieved through two of the three available authentication factors, which are fingerprint, password and chip card. The hexadecimal keyboard ensures userfriendly entering of secret keys.

Adyton is additionally secured through its cabinet appliance. The rack integration for the device enables dual gigabit Ethernet and USB communication. Authorised removal of the Adyton Rack from its IT cabinet can only happen by unlocking the dual lock. []



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