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Bodytrak : World’s most advanced and accurate ‘hearable’ debuts at CES 2017 Print E-mail
Thursday, 05 January 2017 14:18

bodytrak launches today as the first and only in-ear body monitoring platform to accurately measure multiple vital signs - Core Body Temperature (CBT), Heart Rate (HR), Vo2, speed, distance, cadence - continuously, and in real-time. The device and analytics platform will be shown for the first time at CES, Las Vegas, January 5-8, 2017 Booth 42957, Sands Expo Level 2. Bodytrak is being trialled with high profile professional cycling teams, English Premiership football and rugby clubs, and by several global energy providers, defence, and health organisations.

Bodytrak gives sports enthusiasts at all levels a competitive edge, both in training and competition. It’s the only device that measures multiple vital signs in a single compact wearable - alternatives measure just one or two. Bodytrak also provides the only way to measure CBT unobtrusively in the field. Alternative methods, such as the HR chest strap and CBT pill, whilst useful, can be uncomfortable and invasive. Accurate, ongoing monitoring of multiple vital signs has the potential to significantly improve physical performance, reduce injury, detect illness, and improve recovery time.  Bodytrak is designed to fit securely and unobtrusively on the ear - the only body site from which a combination of CBT and HR can be measured accurately together.

Using the ear as a measuring site, due to its proximity to the brain, enables Bodytrak to pick up very accurate and immediate changes in the body; and is expected to be more reliable than other wearables, for example wrist-based devices. All data is sent from Bodytrak wirelessly, in real-time to a cloud-based analytics platform via a smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, or internet hub. This allows for physiological changes to be detected rapidly for earlier intervention and closer management of individual performance. 

Analytics and machine learning within the Bodytrak platform give unrivalled insights to provide competitive advantage. In the short-term analytics detect rapid changes which can be used to assess performance and refine training on a session-by-session basis. Longer-term, machine learning techniques assess a user’s normal profile and reveal behaviours and patterns which inform training methodologies. Over time, it is anticipated that individuals will experience huge benefits from the numerous marginal gains they achieve.

To enhance the experience, users can listen to music and use the earpiece as part of a communication system (both radio and telephone). Bodytrak even records and digitally processes ambient sound so the user retains their hearing and situational awareness for added safety. Bodytrak is designed to be water resistant, so perfect for training in all weather and all terrain.



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