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CeBIT 2014 establishes special topic cluster for “IT Security” Print E-mail
Thursday, 14 November 2013 15:54

Initiated by the federal government, Germany’s “Round Table on IT Security” has already held its first session, even as the European Commission examines the introduction of uniform security standards and a global debate rages on data security issues in an international context. As the world’s leading exhibition and conference event for professional users, the upcoming CeBIT will be giving high priority to IT security issues. The Hannover-based CeBIT organizers have established a special topic cluster for IT Security – including tried-and-tested as well as future solutions. Running from 10 to 14 March 2014, the featured topics will range from Antivirus Systems and E-Mail Security to Cloud & Internet Security, Identity & Access Management, Mobile Security and Physical Security Systems.


CeBIT provides answers to IT security issues

How can I protect my data against unauthorized access? How secure is the Cloud? How safe is it to access company data on my own smart phone? What steps do I need to take to retain the trust of my clients? Exhibitors in the “security hall”, Hall 12, will provide the answers to these and other questions. In addition, two daily forum events will inform visitors on the hottest security issues – the “Security Plaza”, organized by heise Verlag publishers, plus an additional, theme-oriented conference.


Mikko Hyppönen to speak at CeBIT Global Conferences

IT security and cyber security are also on the agenda at the CeBIT Global Conferences 2014 – the digital industry’s leading conference – with one of the seven keynote themes consisting of “Trust & Security“. On Thursday at CeBIT (13 March), a number of high-caliber speakers will talk about the latest security issues and network with other experts in a panel discussion on the latest requirements involving security and trust. One of the keynote speakers will be cyber security expert and previous TED speaker (the Technology, Entertainment and Design conference series) Mikko Hyppönen, Chief Research Officer at F-Secure, the Finnish company specialized in IT security solutions.


“Datability” spotlights IT security

The CeBIT 2014 keynote theme is also set to have a strong focus on IT Security: Datability is about the ability to use large volumes of data in a responsible and ecologically sustainable fashion, with IT security issues being a major factor. “The competent and secure management of large volumes of data is integral to a properly functioning global market economy. A visit to CeBIT 2014 will therefore be an absolute must for all business leaders and IT managers who are seeking to build and maintain the international competitiveness of their organizations,” states Oliver Frese, the Deutsche Messe Managing Board member in charge of CeBIT.


CeBIT attendees focus on IT security

IT security was already one of the major drawing cards at the most recent CeBIT in March, 2013, where 50 ,000 attending professionals put the Security World display at the top of their list. Around 30,000 visitors came armed with concrete plans to invest in IT security equipment and solutions. Given the latest debates about security on the Internet – including issues like the Prism and Tempora programs – these numbers are certain to grow. As the digital industry’s leading trade fair, CeBIT has a key informative role to play, with some 60 percent of all professional attendees (from over 120 nations) relying exclusively on CeBIT as the trade fair able to serve all their IT information needs. []

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