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Doepke: Remote Actuator prevents Loss of Turnover Print E-mail
Wednesday, 18 April 2012 13:53

Doepke are presenting their remote actuator DFA 2 at the Light+Building. The DFA 2 is employed in combination with residual current circuit-breakers in order to reinstate the power supply as quickly as possible. Frequent causes for an RCCB to trip are mains switching with regenerative power generation, or lightning strikes during storms. In such cases there is normally no defect present. There has simply been a transient residual current. Should the installation remain switched off for a longer period because it is unmanned, or if the disconnection goes unnoticed for any other reason, then unnecessary costs for service personnel may arise and possible loss of turnover may result.

The DFA 2 enables the circuit-breaker to be monitored from afar and guarantees automatic re-connection. Typical applications are installations in industry, agriculture, in radio, transmission stations, cooling and photovoltaic installations, in unmanned lifting stations or heat pumps. 15 seconds after the residual current circuit-breaker is tripped the DFA 2 will automatically switch the power supply on again. Only after repeated tripping of the RCCB, indicating an actual equipment fault, will a manual inspection be necessary. In addition the DFA 2 can be monitored and controlled from a central location. With its integrated remote tripping facility the RCCB can also be regularly tested. Auxiliary switch contacts signal the current status.

Existing switches can be easily retrofitted by snap-on fastening. All remote actuators in the DFA 2 model range are installed to the left of the residual current circuit-breaker. The prerequisite for operating this device is an independent power source of 24 V DC or 230 V AC. Only thus can the indicating and actuating functions of the actuator be ensured even if the RCCB is disconnected. The doorbell transformer RK 24 can be used as the external power supply of the remote actuator. []

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