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frogblue launches in Munich: Revolutionary easy system solution for "smart living" Print E-mail
Monday, 19 June 2017 10:18
The market for smart home appliances has experienced rapid growth in recent  years; experts are speaking of a veritable boom. Digital lifestyles are struggling to achieve a real breakthrough because the controlling systems are costly and relatively difficult to use. frogblue now wants to fundamentally change this with a new approach. Dr Ralf Hinkel, founder and CEO of frogblue AG, summarises his mission: "With frogblue, we offer installers and their end customers an innovative Smart Home & Building solution that sets new standards with regard to simplicity and functionality. Secure, affordable and pioneering. frogblue is the beginning of smart living for everyone!" 
Dr Hinkel was born in Mainz and studied computer science and electrical engineering at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern. The two companies he   has successfully founded in the past years - Quadriga Lasertechnik GmbH and stock- listed company MOBOTIX AG - attest to the entrepreneur's pioneering spirit and market expertise. 
Nicole Huffer was appointed to the board to ensure the young company's sustained growth and has taken over the sales and marketing board. Ms Huffer, who has an MBA, had previously the position as Corporate Vice President at SimonsVoss, the technology leader in the field of digital locking and access control systems, that went from a local firm into a world-renowned brand.
frogblue focuses on tried-and-tested high-tech standards combined with innovative engineering. Conventional systems for controlling electronic appliances at home need a complex IT infrastructure such as servers, hubs etc. Purchasing these is therefore expensive. Installation, implementation and use of these systems is complicated. Some providers even demand labour- and cost-intensive wiring for their components. frogblue consistently offers a desirable alternative to this.      
The "frogs" are the main innovation - smart boards that can be installed in every flush mounting box. The frogs are highly intelligent, packed full of innovative functions, extremely easy to program and, thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy, a real communications virtuoso. With just a handful of frogs and a control device – such as an app-enabled mobile phone – freely scalable smart home applications can be put into practice. No cables or additional IT devices are needed.
The best bit: The frogs communicate with each other and with their control devices (transponders, smartphones, tablets) via Bluetooth (BLE) in its newest version. The clever development from Bluetooth has the crucial advantage that that you can transfer noticeable more data, what makes the system ideal for Smart Home networks .

The frogblue system is individually expandable. As well as the frogs, frogblue also offers high-quality displays, presence detectors, door stations, window sensors etc. These components, with a modern and timelessly elegant design, can be integrated into the system at any time - even afterwards.

frogblue is a dynamic start-up based in Munich and Kaiserslautern. Leading-edge knowledge, business experience and solid financing are the pillars of our innovation-based company culture. The focus lies on the development and sale of revolutionary simple systems for the rapidly growing Smart Home & Building appliances market.



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