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Hikvision License plate recognition for Kurdish & Arabic numbers Print E-mail
Saturday, 17 September 2016 13:34

ANPR / LPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) provides the ultimate solution for effective traffic surveillance and car park monitoring, which can enforce car park security and help monitor vehicle access. Hikvision the global leaders in surveillance technology have developed a complete cutting edge solution for traffic surveillance for Kurdish & Arabic numbers combining their latest Smart IP ANPR cameras and iVMS-5200 software, with its advanced traffic modules enabling car registration and evidence capture. Hikvisions 4-Line series ANPR cameras have the ability to detect and recognise a vehicles licence plate through the cameras on-board ANPR analytics, which are then sent to a Smart NVR or iVMS-5200 for access management. ANPR is the perfect solution for your entrance management. Hikvisions Smart IP ANPR solution includes Licence Plate Recognition (Entrance Time – Plate No – Vehicle Model – Colour), Vehicle Management (Auto Comparison - Blacklist Filtering - Alarm Triggering), Smart Search - Backup (LPR Searching - Post-event Investigation). Date and time are also recorded to enforce parking permits or time-limited zone rules.


Special Features of LPR Cameras

Gain Control: Gain control is a critical, though often overlooked, factor in low light surveillance video. It is generally only noticed when the negative side effective of aggressive gain levels are seen, namely noise / snow on screen.

WDR: The intensity of illumination with a scene can vary excessively. Images taken by standard cameras always seem to have an overexposed foreground or too dark a background due to the limitation of a camera sensors’ sensitivity. Over the course of a day, the situation can change with different areas of the scene being over or underexposed. What is required in this situation is a Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) camera.



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