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Hotel parking in medieval centre of Ghent with Nedap parking sensors Print E-mail
Thursday, 02 June 2016 06:57

Just like in most historical city centers, in the Belgium city of Gent it is hard for drivers to find an available parking space near their destination. To offer an excellent service, the Sandton Hotel informs guests about the available parking spaces in their underground parking facility. Thanks to Parking Project Solutions’ implementation of Nedap’s parking sensors, the hotel is now able to accurately inform the guests about the number of available parking spaces at all-time.

Parking in historical city centres

The Belgium city of Ghent is a compact city in which all of the sights are within walking distance of each other. The medieval city consits of two districts which seamlessly flow into each other: the historic city centre and the museum quarter. Just like in most historical city centers, finding an available parking space is not an easy job for motorists. Plus most parts of the city centre are pedestrian zones, which means no cars are allowed in those areas.

Even though tourists do not need their car while they visit Ghent, a lot of tourists that visit Ghent do arrive by car. To offer these tourists an superior service, the Sandton Hotel features an underground parking facility. Besides the hotel guests, the local residents also use this parking facility.

Excellent parking service

To be able to offer guests an excellent parking service, the front office employees of the hotel needed to know at all-time how many parking spaces are available in the underground parking location. That way employees can correctly inform guests about the availability in the parking lot. Because checking to see if there are parking bays available is very labor-intensive, a real-time parking solution was required.
By implementing Nedap’s parking sensor system SENSIT, Parking Project Solutions (PPS) was able to offer the Sandton Hotel exactly what was required. Nedap’s SENSIT consists of wireless parking sensors that detect in real-time whether or not the individual parking bays in the parking facility of the hotel are occupied and how long they have been occupied.

Accurately informing guests

“We now can see at all time when our parking lot reaches the end of its capacity. Accurately informing our guests about the availability is a much better service rather than sending them into the parking facility when there are no more parking bays available at that moment. We can guide the guests to our lot or advise them to go for the nearest public parking lot. The sensor system had to be easy to remove and extend, because from time to time we are able to hire extra parking bay’s from other owners for a certain period. That integration process must be smoothly and is now easy to be done,” states Koen Scheire of the Sandton Hotel.

Matching the customer demand

“Parking Project Solutions was pleased to deliver an efficient car park occupancy system that matches as closely as possible to the customer demand. The easy installation without any wiring of the SENSIT Surface Mount detector is a big benefit to obtain an flexible & adaptable system with a fast deployment. The real-time information of the available parking spaces improves the service and customer satisfaction. Unnecessary driving into the parking and the and the search for a free place are a thing of the past,” says Erik Demets of PPS.

SENSIT Surface Mount

Wireless parking sensor designed for car parks where drilling is not allowed. Nedap’s wireless vehicle detection sensors efficiently measure parking occupancy. Sensors mounted on the surface of individual parking spots detect vehicle presence and send that information to a central server.


Parking occupancy information can be used to guide motorists to available parking spaces, to increase traffic flow in cities and decrease pollution. Parking utilization and enforcement efficiency are optimized.


SENSIT technology can easily be implemented into any existing car park management system and rapid deployment is guaranteed. The SENSIT Surface Mount is a vehicle detection sensor designed for car parks where drilling is not allowed. The sensor can easily be glued onto the surface. Replacement can be achieved easily by removing the sensor installed in the mounting ring.


Key features:


  • Wireless detection and communication

  • Easy installation without wiring

  • Efficient car park occupancy measurement and overstay detection

  • Flexible integration with parking applications

  • Dual detection (infrared and earth magnetic field)

  • No drilling, easy installation

  • Suitable for car parks and rooftop parking

Last Updated on Thursday, 02 June 2016 06:58

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