Indexa: Electric Furniture Lock makes cabinets safe Print
Wednesday, 29 August 2012 09:03

The electric furniture lock is suitable for securing variuos furniture: display cabinets in high-tech stores, office supplies cabinets in small businesses, medicine cabinets in medical practices, lockers or wardrobes in flat shares.

The lock is fixed with screws or with adhesive tape on glass. It is inaccessible and invisible on the inside of the piece of furniture. The lock is opened with RFID transponder technology. The transponder lock is available as chip or card, it is simply presented to the front of the door, the lock can be switched through wood or glass. An integrated spring opens lighweight doors automatically - ideal for door leaves without knob. The spring function can be disabled. Up to 50 transponder keys can be enrolled to each lock. Each transponder key can be enrolled to an unlimited number of locks. This allows various persons to access different cabinets according to authorization.

Thanks to battery operation, no wiring is required. In the case of low battery voltage, a warning signal is emitted. By programming via an additionalla available software card, one of two alarm functions can be activated: alarm when the door is open or alarm when the door is broken open. []

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