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Optellios Releases Pipeline Infrastructure Monitoring System for Third Party Interference Detection (TPI) Print E-mail
Saturday, 20 September 2014 21:50
Security ESSEN 2014 Hall 4.0 Stand 102

Third-Party Interference (TPI) is the leading cause of pipeline accidents and loss. The Optellios FiberPatrol FP6100X advanced intrusion detection system is specially designed to promote physical security of buried pipelines and in-ground infrastructure. The FP6100X system uses fiber-optic cable, buried along a pipeline, to detect and locate ground vibrations and acoustic signatures associated with third-party interference activity (TPI).

Optellios’ patented technology can measure not only the dynamic changes in the fiber, but also quasi-static changes, such as temperature or strain. Any ground vibration due to a third-party interference source will alter the property of fiber. The Optellios system is cost effective and provides TPI protection for up to 50 km range from a single unit.

Key features of FP6100X system:

• The sensor is a point locating distributed sensor.

• Sensors can be deployed to protect pipelines of any length.

• The sensor can be deployed in any terrain or soil types.

• Requires no power in the field

• The sensor is covert, and all dielectric, hence not detectable.

• Cost-effective solution especially for longer range.

• Multiple simultaneous detection, making it immune to defeat by coordinated attack.

• Cut immune, dependent upon configuration, the sensor remains fully functional even after the sensor is severed.

• The sensor is immune to RFI/EMI and lightning.
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