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Paul Duran launches the "Auglle Edge" Print E-mail
Monday, 14 November 2016 16:55

San Antonio Entrepreneur Paul Duran, Who Founded GreenStar LED, Launches Auglle, LLC; Aims to Change the Philosophy of How Security Surveillance Systems Work

The brainchild of Paul Duran, the Auglle Edge surveillance solution is an all-in-one, robust network camera solution designed to provide preventative alerts to security personnel so that proactive measures can be taken prior to an event occurring. With traditional security systems, video is recorded for future forensic purposes.  The Auglle Edge works by utilizing high end analytic software and storage capabilities to provide alert notifications that can be monitored and reviewed to help prevent unwanted events from occurring. The Auglle Edge brings technology to the forefront in order to assist security personnel in managing the hundreds of security cameras they are responsible for monitoring.

When Paul Duran first entered the LED market, he realized very quickly that there was a need for robust security cameras that could work along with his LED lighting and provide cities and utilities with features that could help prevent crimes from occurring.  After evaluating the market and the options available, Paul Duran decided to embark on developing a product that would be easy to install, provide a robust housing that would withstand extreme weather environments and include software driven features that would benefit customers by providing alert notifications to designated security personnel so that proactive measures could be taken.

Companies are looking for ways to prevent crimes from occurring. With every terror event or tragedy that occurs, security cameras are becoming more popular and being used more widely for forensic analysis. The issues that keep getting brought up time and time again is, "Why aren't these cameras being used to prevent a crime from happening instead of as a tool to view who committed the crime after the fact?"

Auglle, LLC was founded in 2014 by Paul Duran. Says founder Paul Duran about the company's founding, "The idea of Auglle came about after the Boston Marathon bombing.  I kept telling myself, with today's technology, why wasn't anybody watching and looking for these terror suspects prior to them detonating those bombs?  Why is it that all we ever seem to do after a tragedy is simply pull up every security camera's footage and try to find the perpetrators?  Why can't we use those same cameras to prevent these horrific crimes from occurring?  I finally decided that if no other companies were going to step up to the plate and provide a solution, I would do it myself."


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