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Pelco Drives Analytics Innovation with VideoXpert Integrations Print E-mail
Friday, 07 April 2017 08:20

Pelco by Schneider Electric announced plans to form strategic alliances with industry analytics providers to expand VideoXpert Video Management System (VMS) capabilities. These integrations, several of which will be highlighted at ISC West 2017 enable Pelco to further enhance the value they deliver to the video security market by offering solutions incorporating exceptional analytics capabilities to provide actionable information and insights enabling proactive risk mitigation. “Our objective is to collaborate with industry analytics  providers to leverage their  expertise to create unique  solutions that address global needs and opportunities in   video security,”  said Diane Feliciano, VP, Global Marketing, Pelco by Schneider Electric. “This initiative is in line with our corporate mission to deliver solutions that solve problems for our customers through  meaningful  innovation.” VideoXpert, Pelco’s leading video management system, is designed on an open platform to enable extensible functionality  and maximum  flexibility.  Through   partner integrations,  not only  will users of VideoXpert benefit from the  platform’s exceptional user experience, they will also experience added value with video analytics capabilities  to redefine the way in which video data is analyzed and leveraged.  By unifying operational and security data over system video, and all via a single user interface,  Pelco delivers integrated  solutions that  are unmatched  in the industry. Key verticals targeted through these integrations include city surveillance and airports.  In both verticals and any application where public safety is a concern,  the ability to locate and monitor a subject quickly and accurately, requires intelligent video analytic capabilities to make actionable decisions. With partner video analytics, users can enhance their investigative capabilities by leveraging video made available by Pelco’s VideoXpert VMS. By combining the expertise of Pelco and partner analytics providers, Pelco is bringing new features and solutions to the video security market around the world.

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