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Personal Health Monitoring Print E-mail
Friday, 02 January 2015 16:37

The Belgian Research Center in nanoelectronics IMEC and the Holst Centre have developed a kit for monitoring personal health. In this kit, a data acquisition chip equipped with integrated multi-sensors performs the translation of all health parameters into electrical signals.

This development kit combines the precision of measurements with a very low power source, allowing reliable monitoring for several days. In addition, its high integration allows the combination of very small and comfortable products.

The development kit provides a lightweight platform, customizable and suitable for the design of new applications as well as field studies. Customizable sensors found there (including 3-lead ECG, bio-impedance accelerometer and microphone), the chip MUSEIC (multi-sensor data acquisition chip), a storage on a SD card, a 4.0 low power Bluetooth connection and an ARM Cortex M4 processor. The MUSEIC chip receives data from analog or digital sensors. Moreover, it is able to perform a basic signal processing. It has analog interfaces for three-channel ECG, bio-impedance and the impedance of the tissue. In addition, analog and digital interfaces allow the connections to biomedical or physical sensors. Cortex-M0 processor ARM low power is included to control sensors and perform a basic signal processing. Dedicated hardwares improve performance and reduce energy consumption.

A typical use case would be collecting ECG, bio-impedance and 3-axis accelerometer data. In such an application the evaluation kit consumes on average only 10 m W – low enough for at least a few days of monitoring on a single battery charge. [] []

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