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Seeing is Believing – French Furniture Company Miliboo Introduces EKKO at CES, Reflecting Your Personality in a Mirror Print E-mail
Thursday, 05 January 2017 12:01

Everyday household items – lights, thermostats, beds, alarms – are increasingly connecting to the Internet to deliver a personalized experience to consumers. But one item in the house is perhaps far more personal than any other – the mirror.

Today’s selfie generation gazes, flexes and preens unlike any prior generation. Research reveals that people spend an average of seven days each year in front of their mirrors; so it simply makes sense for your mirror to become the next great connected device.

Honored this year with a CES Innovation Award. Miliboo Corporation developed the first smart mirror that combines simplicity and technology to transform daily routines. Set to release in Q2 2017, Miliboo proudly introduces EKKO – an interactive, touchless multimedia platform that reflects not only the user’s physical appearance, but their personality as well.

Patented glass technology allows for the display of digital information in the bottom portion of the mirror. Such information might include YouTube channels, music playlists, news channels, photos, web radios, customizable timers, weather forecasts, even your horoscope … all immediately accessible within the mirror.

Founded by Lachenal with the intention of becoming a global leader on the connected furniture market, Miliboo is an online furniture store that conceptualizes designs and creates custom contemporary furniture for every room in the home or office.

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