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The future of antivirus is pay-as-you-use, a current reality at Panda Security Print E-mail
Thursday, 21 April 2016 21:04
Technology is always changing, growing, and improving our lives—whether it is at a business or a personal level. Digital transformation affects everyone. At Panda Security, we want to lead our users on the road to digitization, offering online antivirus solutions like Panda Protection Service.

Protect your digital world, no strings attached.

To help our 30 million users be protected against the 230,000+ malware samples that are created daily, Panda Security has launched Panda Protection Service, the only antivirus where you only pay for what you use with the option to cancel the service anytime.

In addition, with this antivirus you can protect an unlimited number of devices (computers, tablets, Smartphone, Smart TV, etc.), making your home and business routers safe. Attacking routers is one of the most popular cyber-criminal methods, which allows for the devices to remain under the attacker’s control.

Rado Svicin, the VP of Consumer Business at Panda Security, stated: “Digital transformation has converted the consumer into the center of all activity, who accesses the internet through multiple devices. At Panda Security, we put our client’s needs first, by offering them a one-of-a-kind solution,” he commented.  “Panda Protection Service, the product that we are launching in 2016, is only the tip of the iceberg for the cybersecurity revolution.  This solution will reflect our philosophy, Simplexity.”

Multiple devices, different threats

Due to the increase in multiscreen users, a growing number devices are being infected. Panda Security’s solution offers the best antivirus protection for all of your devices, making your life easier and your family safer.

It also lets you save on cybersecurity costs, offering the best price and total freedom of use. The first month is free and you are able to cancel your subscription any time without additional costs.

Panda Protection Service guarantees that you will enjoy your devices with 100% security; it effectively detects viruses, while at the same time, improves the performance of your computers and mobile devices.

Panda Protection Service is the precursor to Panda’s next great breakthrough for home users. It’s a new way of understanding security, a new relationship model between user and technology. Get ready for the future with Panda Protection Service.

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