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Ukrainian airport upgraded to offer quality service and security Print E-mail
Saturday, 23 February 2013 08:37

As Ukraine's Donetsk Airport became an object of strategic importance during the preparation of UEFA EURO 2012 in the region, local authorities decided to undertake large-scale reconstructions. The airport is an A Class aviation complex, which opened prior to the hosting of the 2012 football games and can process up to 3100 passengers per hour and freight storage per 300 tons. It is natural that a high-quality security system was required for such a large-scale complex.

Main objectives set to modernize the monitoring system include: operative surveillance over protected area, buildings and premises, use of access control with the system, possibility of video feed from cameras to computer monitors of the authorized employees via local network as well as Internet, and full personal identification under ISO/IEC 19794-5:2005 Standard.

Local system integrator Donbass Inform Communication Service installed the video surveillance system using Axis Communications' cameras, since it met all project requirements and interacts efficiently with Milestone VMS. About 600 Axis IP cameras were installed to overlook the airport and surrounding perimeter. The cameras are used in the main areas of the airport terminal complex, and operators can promptly react to any incidents and, if necessary, use PTZ to obtain more detailed images.

Two independent video surveillance systems were installed in the airport terminal complex: one for the aviation security service and the other for the border control service. The independent systems are integrated to control general areas and solve similar issues.

The video surveillance system and access control system provide passive monitoring of protected areas, prevent unauthorized people from activating automatic doors, gates and access control equipment. Events can be pinpointed on video, then stored in the data archive and produced when necessary. Integration of the video surveillance system with the fire and security alarm is also in progress.

Operation of the fire-fighting system sensors is securely duplicated, thanks to Axis cameras' smoke, fire and other risk factor recognition abilities, which allows for quick evacuation of people and emergency responses. In addition, the system's ALPR capability ensures traffic control and integration with the parking system. []

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