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Why Use TeleEye Starlight MQ2200 Series Cameras? Print E-mail
Friday, 24 March 2017 12:37
A camera with excellent performance in day and night can promise you a higher level of security protection. Recently, TeleEye, the global leading supplier in video surveillance systems, announces the addition of the MQ2200 Series Starlight IR cameras to their camera product line. This series marks a revolutionary breakthrough to their former MQ200 Series in the light balance and it has a high sensitivity to different lighting environments. Not only does it provide a more detailed video image during daytime, but more importantly, it is also capable of delivering superior performance even in extreme low light environments as well as in backlight conditions.


The New MQ2200 Series Exerts the Best Performance of Sony’s Starlight Sensor

Adopting Sony Starlight CMOS Sensor, the new MQ2200 Series enables a much higher sensitivity to various lighting environments compared to the MQ200 Series. With the advancement of MQ2200’s camera lens and the  image  signal  processor,  the  performance  of  this  powerful  Starlight  sensor  can  even  be  maximized.


Enabling Every Object and Color To Be Recognizable In the Dark

The upgraded camera lens enables higher image clarity of the images and improved the black-edged problem of the video. In addition to the use of an advanced image signal processor, a higher processing power is also performed. The video quality is therefore greatly improved with higher image clarity, image recovery and digital noise reduction. With the above enhanced combination, the new MQ2200 Series is capable of delivering detailed and colored images even in extreme low light and backlight conditions, enabling every object and color to be recognizable in the above lighting conditions, whereas the MQ200 Series can only show the black shadow and indistinct contours of the objects.


Built-in Video Analytic Functions to Minimize Losses Brought By Incidents The new MQ2200 series incorporates built-in video analytic functions which help detect incidents. Once an unexpected event is being detected, instant messages will be sent to the users via apps and emails, so that they can take immediate actions to minimize losses. Along with its superior performance in different lighting conditions, the new MQ2200 Series is definitely the best option for various security applications and day & night surveillance.


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