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Yet Another Vehicle Attack against People - This Time, London Print E-mail
Thursday, 23 March 2017 21:04
To stop such attacks, government security professionals need to be cognizant of two different types of vehicle access points for such incidents to occur. The first would be in a location where the primary use is pedestrian but, frequently, vehicles need to pass through. An example could be a square in which the maintenance truck comes through to clean the square periodically. Other areas could be those locations with restricted parking, such as at a shopping mall, in which a street has been permanently cordoned off for pedestrians and the occasional delivery truck. Such access points are well served by bollards, some moveable that go up and down to let vehicles through and others fixed or stationary.

The other access points are those that are temporary. At a stadium, traffic may need rerouting for sporting weekends. The city is having a parade. In either case, sections normally open to traffic will be closed to create pedestrian paths and gathering points. However, these areas still have a need for delivery trucks and certain other authorized vehicles to enter. These locations are best protected with crash-rated portable barriers that are erected in 15 minutes and then removed once the event is over.

"CBS This Morning" offered examples of vehicle attack responses this morning - - including an interview with Delta Scientific's David Dickinson and footage from Delta of barriers in operation. You'll find the above link most interesting.

If you would like an article on stopping vehicle attacks on people, please contact me today. Delta is prepared to provide you with such a story, including photographs. Thank you.
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